Fire Fighting Helicopter

A fire fighting station needs to have a sprinkler system, a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector.

This article first appeared in the May 20, 2018 issue of the Globe and Mail.

It’s part of our ongoing coverage of the wildfires raging across Alberta, including the largest ever on record in Alberta.

The firefighting stations in Alberta are the most vulnerable part of the province’s wildfire response, but there’s a big difference between being an emergency response and an emergency-rescue operation.

The first two require the same equipment.

An emergency response is when a blaze is raging in a location where it’s not safe to stay in your home.

For example, the fire at a Calgary home may be dangerous but is not likely to be the reason for a major evacuation.

In this case, you need the same type of equipment, but you need to make a decision before the fire gets worse.

It is a decision that is made based on the information you already have about the fire.

For this reason, you should make a plan to be ready to respond if the situation becomes a major fire emergency.

You will be the first responders.

You need to have an emergency plan in place.

You should plan for the most serious, immediate danger, such as a fire in a house or vehicle, even if it’s just a few metres away.

You want to be prepared to be out in a flash if the fire becomes a real emergency.

The plan is important, but not the only consideration when it comes to the planning of an emergency.

In many instances, your fire suppression system is more important than your life.

For instance, if you have a fire, there are no emergency rules or regulations about when or how you can protect yourself.

If you have an accident, your insurance policy can cover your medical expenses.

If a fire spreads to a building, it’s your responsibility to protect your own property.

In Alberta, that means that you need a plan in case of an accident or fire.

A plan for an accident is usually based on your knowledge of the situation and the risks you face, but the firefighting system does not necessarily have to be.

The emergency plan should include the following elements: Know what to do if you’re involved in an accident.

This is where your life and safety comes into play.

If your vehicle has caught on fire, you’ll want to know where to find a fire truck, whether you have water or a hose and how to protect yourself and your family from the fire, as well as any nearby homes.

If an emergency situation arises, you can call 911 and ask the emergency services to come to your location to help you and your friends.

What’s your fire safety plan?

What are your plans for the fire that’s burning?

It may not be immediately obvious how to respond to an accident if the smoke is rising into your home or if the air is filled with a strong, dense smoke.

The Alberta Emergency Response Act requires that you have plans for your fire protection system.

You can’t rely on your fire insurance policy to cover your home, your car or your car insurance if the accident happens to your vehicle.

There are two main types of fire protection plans: standard and disaster-relief.

Your standard fire protection plan can include the items mentioned above.

It could also include a special plan for dealing with the smoke or fire that was set in your house.

Your disaster-response plan could also involve special plans for emergency situations, such a smoke and flames prevention plan.

This kind of plan can help you make an emergency decision about what you need in order to be able to react in the event of an accidental fire or a fire that has spread to your home and you need emergency services there.

It may include a smoke detection and prevention plan to reduce smoke emissions and make your house safe for your family.

A disaster-resistance plan could include a plan for getting water, blankets, food and shelter to the fire fighters, and a plan of how to deal when you are not able to leave your home because the fire is burning or the smoke has reached a dangerous level.

The plans for fire suppression and disaster response can vary.

There’s no set rule for what kind of firefighting plan you need.

The most common fire suppression plan involves a sprinkling system.

This means that if you can see the fire you’re protecting, you know where it is.

You may also want to consider a fire prevention plan if you are involved in a serious accident or you live in a residential area that has an active fire prevention program.

Emergency services should be prepared for all scenarios.

If the situation is not life-threatening, the most common type of fire suppression will not be the type that can protect you from a major emergency.

Your fire suppression systems need to be equipped with equipment to help them fight fires, and they need to include all of the necessary components to do so.

A fire suppression kit is also essential, and if you


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