Fire Fighting Helicopter

There are more than 30 fire fighters in Australia and the UK, but it’s a job that can take a toll on the individual.

“There are some people that are just a little bit over-worked and they need time off to just get some sleep, take some time off, get some rest,” said Victoria Fire and Emergency Services Chief Commissioner Andrew O’Brien.

The department has a fire fighting program and there are firefighters on call 24 hours a day.

“We get calls from the public on a regular basis.”

Firefighting has been a very important part of the Australian national identity.

The Australian Fire Service is one of the oldest and best funded firefighting departments in the world.

It is very well supported by the public and its very much recognised by the community.

“A national training program and the development of a national firefighting strategy is part of Australia’s firefighting effort.

In Victoria, there is a program called Firefighter Shield.

It’s an annual competition where the public has to defend their own home and defend the property against arsonists.

Firefighters in Victoria have also been awarded a national medal for their work.

It’s the first time in Australian history that firefighting has won the medal.

Firefighter shields are being handed out in all the major cities of Victoria.

We’ll be very pleased with the response that’s been shown by all of the participants.””

We do think that we’re going to have a good turnout,” said Mr O’Brien.

“We’ll be very pleased with the response that’s been shown by all of the participants.”

It’s a lot more people participating in the competition this year than we’ve had in the past.

“The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has also announced plans to award a medal for fire fighting to the state’s best performers over the next two years.

The state’s chief fire officer says the program is a big deal for firefighters and the state has had an amazing response to the coronavirus.

Queensland’s chief firefighter says the medal is an important recognition of their work and will help them grow as a profession.”

I’m proud of the work that we do every day, I’m proud that we get our fire crews up and running, and I’m happy that we’ve got firefighters on our streets.””

It’s something I think we should be proud of.”

“I’m proud of the work that we do every day, I’m proud that we get our fire crews up and running, and I’m happy that we’ve got firefighters on our streets.”

Firefighters have a tough job.

They have to stay up at night and go out in the heat, but the cold is a constant threat.

In Victoria, it’s not just cold.

The coldest city in Australia, the Northern Territory, is also home to the worst fire risk in Australia.

As the coronacovirus continues to spread across the world, Australia is seeing more and more cases.

On average, the number of people diagnosed with coronaviruses in Victoria is three times the national average.

The National Fire and Medical Association of Victoria says they expect the number to climb over the coming years, and are currently working to establish a national coronaviral surveillance program.

A Victoria Firefighter is part and parcel of a firefighter’s job, and their passion for the profession is infectious.


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