Fire Fighting Helicopter

Sanco firefighting access will change for many Sanco residents. 

The firefighting equipment will be a big factor in the future as the region recovers from the fire that destroyed many homes and businesses. 

For years, Sanco was a thriving fishing port in the area. 

In 2014, the city opened the port to recreational fishing. 

This was followed by a $2 million restoration of the harbor and the construction of a new port entrance. 

Then, in early 2015, the San Diego Padres lost the World Series. 

With a lack of a viable professional baseball team in the region, many people turned to local fishermen for their livelihoods. 

Firefighting equipment has been a huge asset to the fishermen. 

Some are taking advantage of the increased access, which includes a new firefighting rig that can accommodate four firefighters. 

“It will allow us to use equipment that we’ve never had before,” said David Carpentier, San Diego Firefighter and captain. 

Carpentier said the rig will allow for more firefighters in a fire that could be deadly. 

He said the firefighting gear has been in the community since the 1920s and was the reason that the fire department was able to operate during the Great Depression. 

While it is a long way from the 1920’s, the fire departments in San Diego and Ventura County have a history of fighting fires. 

During the fire season in the 1970s, there were more fires than any other time in the county. 

As a result, the department put a number of firefighters on the front lines. 

That led to the modern equipment that is used in Sanco and surrounding communities. 

There is a reason for that. 

Many of the equipment is new and will be replaced with more modern equipment. 

But it is still the same gear that was used during the fire. 

So, when the new rig comes, the fishermen have one more option to keep the boats afloat. 

And while it may be a lot to take on, it is also an opportunity for the fire fighters to get out and work. 

Fishing for the most part, is not a part of everyday life in the SanCO area.

Firefighters have been on the boats for years, but there has never been a need for them to be on the rig.

The new rig will help in that effort.

Carpentiers said the new equipment will allow the department to be more proactive in managing the fire and keeping people safe.

He said it will also help in the rehabilitation of the SanCo and Ventura Fire departments. 

At the end of the day, he said the department will continue to be here and fight fires.


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