Fire Fighting Helicopter

Firefighting drones are becoming increasingly common for both the military and private contractors.

The new drones are a form of aerial defense, designed to fight the spread of small fires.

The unmanned aerial vehicles are also used for surveillance and surveillance-like functions.

One of the main differences between these types of drones is that they’re often controlled remotely, meaning that the pilot can take control from afar and direct fire to the target without having to worry about the remote-controlled drone crashing.

There are also drones that have a larger payload capacity than their larger-diameter counterparts, like the Firefighter sexy.

The Firefighter comes in two sizes: a medium-sized model and a large-sized one.

Firefighters can be equipped with a variety of tools and equipment, including an infrared laser, a smoke grenade, and other tools that are typically only available to firefighters.

The model pictured here is a medium, which can be used for reconnaissance or surveillance missions, and it comes with two lasers.

It can also carry a variety different kinds of weapons.

The large-size Firefighter can also use its large air-to-air missile to attack drones.

Firefighter models also come with a wide variety of weapons, including smoke grenades and a laser.

The largest model can carry a 20-pound smoke bomb and 20-mm.

machine gun, which are typically used by the US military.

The smallest model is a single-person model, which is usually only used by private contractors and firefighters.

This model can also have a camera on the front that can be remotely controlled by a remote operator.

These firefighting drones also have some disadvantages: they’re typically not as powerful as helicopters, and they require a lot of fuel to operate.

It’s also hard to get the job done, since the aircraft can’t fly through thick brush or clouds.

However, these firefighting models are still gaining popularity, with private contractors like Amazon and United Parcel Service (UPS) using them to save money.

The small-drones firefighting model is not as easy to use as the larger-size models.

It comes with only one camera, and while it can capture video and photos, it doesn’t have enough power to do the same job.

There’s also no control panel or warning lights that can indicate if a fire is burning or if a drone is damaged.

The drone can also’t be remotely operated, so it’s best to just follow the instructions of the owner.

If the owner does follow the instruction, the drone will take off and fire on the flames.

The only other way to control a firefighting aircraft is by radio.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has an automated flight-control system called the automated aircraft system (AAAS).

The FAA has also developed a fire-control plan that can provide real-time guidance to the pilot.

The FAA uses the AAS system to control drones, but there are also other, less common ways to control them.

For example, the FAA has set up a website that lets people in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and several other countries monitor the flight and communications of drones.

This is how they can report a fire, or if they find that a drone was damaged.

There is also a Fire Fighter Drone Owners Manual.

This manual is designed to give people in remote areas an understanding of how the drones work, as well as how to safely operate them.

It also includes instructions for installing a smoke detection device, as mentioned earlier, to prevent smoke from entering a drone.

The manual is written in a way that is easy for people to understand.

This gives people who aren’t experienced in remote operations a lot more confidence.

The most important thing is to follow the FAA’s instructions.

In some areas, drones are being used for firefighting.

The U.S. military is using the Fire Fighter sexy for reconnaissance missions.

The service has deployed a small number of Fire Fighters sexy to the battlefield in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, as shown below.

In this picture, you can see that the drone is flying through a thick brush.

The fire is still burning, so the drone can’t see it.

However the fire is getting out of control, and the pilot has to quickly turn to avoid a fire.

As you can also see in the next picture, the fire has grown to a massive size.

As a result, the pilot had to turn back and turn away from the fire, to avoid being hit.

The drones can also fire at helicopters, but they can only target a specific type of helicopter, like a Predator or Reaper.

In fact, these drones are not used for targeting specific helicopters.

Instead, they are used for “follow-on” missions, where they are sent to investigate other wildfires.

The military has also deployed a Fire Fighters hotshot drone to Afghanistan, to help with firefighting missions.

In a video that was published by the U


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