Fire Fighting Helicopter

Posted August 05, 2018 08:59:16The Department of National Defence’s (DND) military firefighting monitor is a tool that monitors the conditions in remote areas where the Department of Defence (DOD) is engaged in combat.

The monitor allows the department to make a daily summary of the situation, which is then used by senior commanders and other military personnel to plan the next deployment.

The latest update to the monitor, released by the DND on Wednesday, outlines how the firefighting monitoring system is working, how it has improved since the beginning of the year, and how the system is being upgraded.

In May, DND announced it was moving to the new monitoring system, which will provide a more detailed picture of firefighting conditions, to be used by all the military forces that are involved in the fire fighting mission.

The monitoring system has evolved significantly since the first version of the system was introduced in the summer of 2016.

DND said it was adding a new element to the monitoring system this month: the first unit of the new system will be the fire fighter, and the first deployment will occur on August 1.

This means the fire fighters will be in the area on the day of deployment.

This will allow for a more comprehensive monitoring of the condition of the fire area, which in turn allows for more precise planning of future deployments.

The military fire fighter will be deployed with the main battalion of the squadron of fire fighters, the Fire Fighter Command.

This unit will be based at Fort Drum, Ont., and will provide support to the squadron as they fight wildfires in the region.

When asked how the monitoring is being enhanced, DNF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel James MacLeod said that the monitor has been upgraded to a more powerful and sophisticated system.

“The fire fighter monitor is now able to report on the status of the combat area in real-time and provide a timely summary of conditions and their impact,” he said.

“This includes the status and impact of the blaze as it progresses.

In addition, we are making improvements to the technology to provide the highest level of fire safety.

We are also adding a second monitor that will be available for use during the deployment to provide an update of the status as it pertains to the fire environment.

MacLeod said the monitor will also have the capability to be remotely controlled.

This is something that has been in the works for some time and we are excited to finally be able to bring this capability to the service members who are serving on the ground.”DND is not the only government agency using the new monitor.

Defence Intelligence released a press release on Wednesday about its firefighting monitors.

There are a number of other firefighting operations being carried out by the military fire fighting monitor in remote parts of Canada, and a number more are currently under way.

DNF is also looking into ways to expand the monitoring capacity for the military.

The Department Of National Defence will be providing a full briefing on the fire monitoring system on Wednesday.

For more information on the monitoring, visit:


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