Fire Fighting Helicopter

The battle for control of the country’s north-east is intensifying, with the warring parties pushing for the ultimate victory, but there are those who say they are simply trying to save lives.

Here are 10 ways to help.1.

Donate to the cause of Syria’s northern fighters and their families: “For us, it is a humanitarian crisis, because we want to save our children from the scourge of war, and to save their country from the ravages of war,” said one of the men who spoke to CNN from Aleppo.

“It is not a war for us.

It is a war between the terrorists and the Syrians, and we are the victims of the terrorists, not the terrorists,” he added.

The United Nations has warned that there are more than 250,000 people displaced in northern Syria, including about 2.3 million people in Aleppo.

The war has killed more than 140,000 Syrians and left more than half a million refugees in the country.2.

Spread awareness: “We are fighting a war that is taking its toll on the people,” said a man who has been helping civilians in the area for years.

“We see how people are dying in the streets, the hospitals, in hospitals, all over the place.

We know that people are afraid, because the situation has become so desperate,” he said.

“If you do not help us, you will not be able to save the lives of the Syrian people,” he explained.3.

Support a local rebel group: “The Syrian rebels are the only group that has been able to do this for the last three years,” said Mohammed, a man from the northern town of Azaz, near the Turkish border.

“When we ask them for help, they will send us a few of their fighters to help us.”4.

Support humanitarian aid: “There is a huge humanitarian crisis in Syria,” said the man from Aleppo, adding that many civilians are starving.

“The situation is so bad, there is no food or medicine,” he complained.

“I think we need a big help from the international community to save all these lives.”5.

Don’t leave your car in the open: “I have left my car in front of a bakery for the past two months, because I cannot go out and help those who are not in their houses,” Mohammed said.

He said that a number of shops have closed in the neighborhood, because of the fighting.6.

Help those in need: “All I can do is to help the Syrian army to get rid of the gangs that are attacking the people in the villages,” he told CNN.

“That is why I cannot leave my house in the daytime, because they are trying to attack me.

I have to go and help.”7.

Make donations to the fight against ISIS: “When you help us you do so with the intention to help those in trouble and those who have suffered,” he continued.

“Don’t leave the people who are helping you with your own money,” he warned.

“You have to give money to the government to give it to those in desperate need.”8.

Help the Syrian refugees: “Syria is suffering a terrible humanitarian crisis,” said Abdullah, a Syrian man from Homs.

Help a friend who has fled to Turkey: “As long as there is fighting, we are unable to help them,” Mohammed explained. “

Help us, or help the refugees,” he concluded.9.

Help a friend who has fled to Turkey: “As long as there is fighting, we are unable to help them,” Mohammed explained.

“They are in the same situation as the people we have helped before.

We can only do that because we have friends who have fled to our country.

If they come to Turkey, we cannot help them.”10.

Help with the rebuilding effort: “To rebuild Syria, we need more help from international and international groups,” said Abdul Rahman, a member of the Aleppo-based Syrian National Coalition (SNC).

“We need more assistance from the United Nations, and from the countries that have joined the fight,” he pointed out.


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