Fire Fighting Helicopter

On Monday, the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres announced that the fire fighting center would reopen for business.

The Sabres announced the decision after a week of construction delays due to a combination of a major ice storm, snow storms and the closure of the IcePlex facility.

The IcePlex opened in September 2014 as the only hockey arena in the United States that would accommodate ice hockey and other forms of organized sports.

It was slated to reopen in February 2019.

But a massive ice storm in December 2015 and a winter storm that dumped 10 feet of snow over the Iceplex in February 2016 forced the team to cancel its scheduled opening.

After the cancellation, the Sabres said they would be moving to a new facility on the edge of the Buffalo waterfront in 2019.

In January, the Buffalo News reported that the Sabres were considering shutting down the Icebox, but the move was delayed by the team’s ownership, which wanted to move to a building with more space and a more convenient location.

That would mean that the team would need to move the entire team to the new facility.

Now that the ice storm has passed, the team has made the decision to reopen the IceBox, which has a capacity of 2,500.

The Buffalo News wrote that the facility would be located on the west side of the waterfront and will be in a more centrally located location for fans to enjoy.

The IceBox will feature a retractable roof and will include a full-service ice-puck and net for hockey, ice and snow.

The rink will also have a new ice-shaping station and the Sabres hope to have equipment available for the game by January 2018.

The building is slated to open in 2019, but fans can still expect the IceBOX to be a “must-visit” for fans.


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