Fire Fighting Helicopter


The ban was announced Monday by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister for Transport and Communications.

The new rules are meant to make sure that the public safety and security of Canadians is not compromised in the face of a terrorist attack.

The measures include banning passengers with face coverages from boarding and from entering restricted areas of airports, airports that hold more than 25,000 passengers and those with fewer than 25 passengers on board, including hotels, taxis and buses.

They also prohibit passengers from displaying their faces during commercial flights, or at other times that are prohibited.

Passengers are also not allowed to be photographed or video taped without a valid reason.

Passports are also being required to have a face-covering to prevent anyone from obtaining a false identity and from impersonating a Canadian passport holder, CBC has learned from sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

The changes were announced by Transport Minister Steven Blaney in Ottawa on Monday.

Blaney said in a written statement that the rules are being implemented to ensure that Canadians are safe and to prevent potential terrorist attacks.

“The Government of Canada has been working with our provincial, territorial and federal partners to ensure Canada remains a safe country,” he said.

“This is a significant step to make it more difficult for potential terrorists to get into our country.”

The new regulations come on top of the new security measures that are in place in Canada’s airports.

A new airport security plan has been adopted, aimed at preventing terrorists from getting into Canada’s airways.

According to the document, which was obtained by CBC News, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has been deployed in the country’s airports to “provide situational awareness” to airport security staff.

The document notes that the airport security team will monitor the presence of individuals in the area and “implement enhanced pat-downs.”

It also says that the “Canadian Security Intelligence Agency will have an active role in the airport and in surrounding facilities” and that “Canadian Customs and Border Protection will be monitoring and coordinating with the security authorities.”

Officials also said the security teams will also be looking into the “threats” posed by the spread of the Ebola virus.

The Canadian Security Agency will also have a presence in Canada and will be providing intelligence support, the document says.

The rules are designed to help prevent terrorist attacks in Canada, the department said in its announcement.

The announcement came amid heightened security concerns after a series of terrorist attacks across Europe.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November, Belgium’s Prime Minister said the country would “be ready for a new kind of war,” adding that Belgium will “continue to fight against terrorists until we find out who they are.”

The United Kingdom’s Home Secretary said Tuesday that there is a “clear need” to increase security in the wake of the recent Paris attacks.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, called on the public to “stand up for our country and the security of our people.”

Trudeau has called for a national security strategy that is “tough on terrorism, safe for our security and the rights of our citizens.”

In a statement, the Conservative government called the new rules a “good start” and said that the government is also working with provinces to create “safe and secure” workplaces and transit systems.

“These measures will help strengthen our ability to respond quickly and effectively to any security threat, but also help to protect Canadians and Canadians jobs and our economy,” said Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in a statement.

He added that the measures will not prevent terrorist attack, but will provide greater “security and predictability.”


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