Fire Fighting Helicopter

A pair of firefighting pumps from the National Fire Protection Association have created hot air that can help firefighters breathe in the smoke, according to the agency.

The pumps use a series of air brushes to suck air into a nozzle, which then pushes air out from underneath the nozzle.

“The hot air is pushed out by a hose that is mounted above the nozzle,” said NFB president and CEO Tom McBride.

Firefighters often struggle to get oxygen to their lungs when they work in hot and humid environments, but the pump is designed to allow them to breathe in cool, dry air.

McBride said it was “a lot easier” to get the hot air out of a firefighter’s nose than a balloon, which is a process that takes up to two minutes and costs a few dollars.

A balloon is a balloon that floats and floats, while a pump is a hose used to draw air from below.

McBride said the NFB pumps can be used in the field to help firefighters “rescue” stranded people and “reinforce” them, and it could even be used to help people get out of smoke-filled buildings.

The agency was looking to build the first NFB-designed hot air balloon in order to help with “rescuing people and reinforce people,” McBride told CBC News.

But he said the agency had a few other plans in mind.

It also wants to start using the NFA-built pumps to help in other situations, including rescuing people trapped in homes or in hot water tanks.

That’s because the pumps have a “drain valve” that releases hot air when they need it, McBride explained.

In the future, NFB plans to build and test the pumps in the US and Europe to help other countries develop their own hot air tanks, McBrien said.

Another project the NFTA is working on is to help build more than 30 hot air pumps in order “to support emergency response efforts and respond to hazardous conditions,” McBriensaid.

Other projects in the pipeline include a heat exchanger that will help cool water pipes that get into hot water in buildings, McBridesaid.

The NFA has also been working on developing a system that could be used for hot air training for firefighters, which will be tested later this year.

With files from CBC’s Peter Wallace


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