Fire Fighting Helicopter

Why do you love the military?

There are a lot of reasons why.

The military has a lot to teach us about human nature and our need to be in control, but also a lot that we can learn from the military.

So let’s dive into the science behind military love and dislike.

When it comes to the military, it’s really a good thing, says David Bienenstock, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and author of The Military Mind: Why Do People Love and Hate the Military?

People love the service because it’s like a home.

The idea that we’re part of a family and that we have a duty to protect is so appealing.

They think we’re more than just a bunch of men in uniforms, which is what the military would have you believe.

People also love the feeling of power.

Military leaders are often referred to as generals, but they have much more to do with their job than they think.

Military commanders don’t have the authority to make policy, but it is their job to enforce it.

And military leadership is often seen as an extension of the military and its members.

People love it because it gives them something to do, says Bienens.

The best military commanders know the ins and outs of the wars they are fighting.

That means they can plan the logistics, the training, the equipment, the supplies, the soldiers that are going to go out there.

They can plan out the deployment of troops in certain places, and they can coordinate with each other to make sure the mission is accomplished.

So people like the military because they’re really good at managing logistics and the logistics of war.

People have this belief that the military is the safest place to be, Bienernstos says.

It’s the most organized and efficient way to do things.

But the military also has a reputation for being a place where people have to be careful.

You can get into a war zone and there’s a lot you can’t do, he says.

People often talk about how much of a danger the military presents to people because of the stigma attached to being in it.

But people actually feel safer there than they do in their everyday lives.

In fact, a recent survey by the RAND Corporation found that while almost half of Americans said they were at risk for getting killed in a military conflict, only 15 percent of those who had ever experienced military violence said they would avoid going into it.

Bienestos agrees with this sentiment.

He believes that the people who feel safer in the military have some reason to feel safer.

There are also some people who have been trained in the way of the Army that tend to be more willing to go along with the military’s orders and obey its orders.

This is because they have been through military training, he said.

The reason is that in military training you learn that there’s an order to do certain things and it’s not always easy to live up to that order.

So if you go into the military with a little bit of uncertainty about what’s going on, they are more likely to make decisions that they think will make you safer.

And this can be dangerous.

Bialenstock points out that the first time someone in the United States is killed by a member of the U.S. military, they get very, very angry.

People feel very violated by this and feel that they’re being lied to, he explains.

So, people also like the sense of power, of authority, and the sense that they can command their soldiers.

That’s one reason they like to be there.

The other reason people love the war is that they feel like it’s an escape from a stressful life.

They feel that the war brings out the best in people and they are able to share the joy of victory.

And in the case of the United Kingdom, the public was very supportive of the war.

The public supported the war because it made them feel more safe and because it gave them a sense of belonging.

But Bienemos says the public has a history of hating war.

For instance, many people have a problem with violence against women, and many people see it as a threat to their masculinity.

But this perception is probably due to a misunderstanding about the military role.

People don’t think that the soldiers in the armed forces are fighting for women, he suggests.

It is the men who are fighting the war for women.

They’re fighting to protect their wives and daughters.

But when it comes down to it, the women are the ones who are in danger.

They have the responsibility to be the protectors of their children.

They need to protect them and make sure that they get what they need.

And that is a very masculine role.

So when the women in the public are threatened and have to face that threat, they feel less protected.

This can make them more vulnerable to aggression, which can make it more difficult for them to be able


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