Fire Fighting Helicopter

Fire fighting installation is the latest project in the fire fighting program, and is the work of an architect who was hired to design a series of fire fighting systems to be installed in public places in the US.

The project is funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Department of Energy.

The DHS is the largest federal agency involved in the fight against fires, with over 7,000 employees in over 20 states.

The fire fighting system in question is a set of fire extinguishers that will be used to extinguish fires when a blaze is started.

The system will be powered by a solar panel, which will provide energy to the system.

There is no word on how many fire fighting machines there will be in the project, or if they will be fitted with any sort of heat source.

The Firefighting Systems Project was launched by the DHS and FEMA to provide a new, affordable way for the public to help fight fires.

The Federal Emergency Services Agency (SSA) is responsible for running the project.

The installation will be carried out by a local contractor.

It is expected to take at least six months to complete.

This is not the first time the DHS has been involved in antiques projects, as they have constructed a similar system in the 1930s to fight fires in public spaces.

The idea for the project was conceived by a company called Pawnee Engineering and Manufacturing, which also has designs for antiques including a large antiques water cooler.

The company also created an online auction website called Auction-o-Rama, which sold antiques from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Antiques and historical projects are still popular with the public, with a total of $9.4 billion being sold across the US last year.

In addition to the firefighting system, the DHS will also be building a network of fire shelters to provide protection against fires and provide information on what to do if one develops.

It’s not yet clear how many units will be built, but the project is expected have around 50 units built.

In a statement, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said the system would be a “significant investment in our nation’s firefighting capabilities”.

“While there is no cost estimate for the installation, we know that the initial cost of this project will not be high,” she said.

“We will be able to support the project with grants from FEMA and our State and local partners to help pay for the construction, installation and maintenance of this unique project.”

The firefighting project is the second of its kind in the DHS.

The agency is also investing $10 million in an antiques building to be built in New Jersey in partnership with the Jersey City Historical Society.


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