Fire Fighting Helicopter

Posted by IGN’s Matt Bachmann on Tuesday, June 29, 2018 10:58:22 The next Battlefield game will have more than a dozen characters and three maps to fight.

In fact, that’s not all that’s different in this latest installment, with the addition of a new type of combat to the series: an auto-targeting mode that gives you a limited number of options to decide what type of action to take.

It’s one of the most complex aspects of the series and one of Battlefield 4’s most controversial.

But in terms of what the game really means to you, this is actually quite a simple concept.

Here are five things to know about auto-takedowns.


They’re really easy to use.

First, you’ll need to learn how to use the new auto-aim.

While there are still a lot of technicalities that need to be sorted out, it’s fairly straightforward.

When you press the button on the controller, the game will open up its menus, allowing you to select an available skill or set of skills.

If you’ve ever tried to use a controller-tracking game like Counter Strike: GO or Dota 2, this will be the exact same experience.

You’ll also see a large circle appear on the map to show the number of enemies on it.

The circle itself will move in a circle as you move the controller and the circle itself can change the color of the circle depending on the enemy you’re facing.


You can also toggle between three different types of auto-defenses.

First up is the basic type, which you’ll see in the game’s menu.

The basic auto-defense is an area of cover that is locked and only one enemy can enter at a time.

This is what you see in a map like a base.

There are three levels of cover in the base, each one being locked with a number of doors, so you need to move around the area to get into the base and avoid getting flanked.

Each level is about a square-meter (about 15 feet) across.

If your character is able to stay in the cover for a long time, you can take out the enemies.

When the base is breached, the enemy is able the escape through the other side of the base.

However, you won’t be able to take out more than two enemies in this mode.

When switching to the more advanced auto-dock, the other option is to choose from three different “situational defense” options: stationary, stationary, and floating.

While stationary defense is the default choice, you’re also able to have the game show you a small blue circle with a “defensive wall” in the center of it.

In this case, the wall is the main enemy that’s trying to get inside the base or to a nearby building.

Once you’re in the safe zone, you are able to select “autopilot” and the game automatically starts targeting the enemies around you.

This will be different from the basic auto defense, which is simply an area that the player is allowed to cover in order to prevent being attacked.


The auto-save option lets you make the map your own.

As I mentioned before, you have the ability to use this to your advantage.

With the new map being your base, it will automatically save your progress and will not require any actions to make.

When saving, it’ll show you how many times you’ve entered and exited the map, and it’ll let you mark your current position on the world map.

With a bit of experimentation, you should be able, with your own map, to make your own maps that will be able for you to go anywhere on the maps map, which will also allow you to save your entire game if you ever need to switch maps.


Auto-aiming is a very powerful mechanic.

This means that you can see the number and direction of your enemies while you’re actively targeting them.

That’s great for keeping an eye on where you’re going and what you can do next.

You also have the option to change the size of the dots on the circle to allow you greater visibility.

When attacking, the dot on the bottom of the screen will show your weapon, while the dots will indicate which way to move your character.

The dot on top of the bar is the enemy.


You should always be using the same types of skills and items.

In the base game, you had two types of weapons, but in this game, the only weapon you can carry is the crossbow.

While the crossbows are great for short bursts, they aren’t very useful against the big, tough, and agile enemies in the map.

They are, however, incredibly effective against large, heavy, and armored targets.

In terms of the abilities, you will still have to pick the same weapons from the list, but they will all have different abilities and can’t be picked from the same inventory.


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