Fire Fighting Helicopter

A new model for firefighting vehicles that will be built by the National Guard is a bigger, better, and stronger version of the truck that was previously built.

The Army is building a larger version of its long-range vehicle, the M-14, that will take the place of the current small, medium, and large-size vehicles, according to a recent Defense News report.

It will replace the M14A2 truck that has served the Army since the early 1990s, and it will replace other large-scale military vehicles like the Humvee.

The Army is also planning to develop an infantry version of this truck, called the M2, which will have a similar profile to the larger M-15.

The M-16A1, the Army’s previous large-type vehicle, was originally designed to be the “battle-ready” light combat vehicle, but it was quickly supplanted by the Army Rapid Deployment Vehicle (ARV) program.

This new version of a larger M1 will be able to provide better protection to its troops, while still being able to carry enough weapons to keep its troops alive.

The big change will come from the addition of a turret and gun mount on the front of the vehicle, along with the addition in the body of a large airbag.

The main change is the inclusion of a radar-absorbing armor-piercing projectile (APAP) system that will protect the crew from small arms fire.

These two new parts, combined with the improved armor protection, make the M1 a “battleready” vehicle.

This is not a good thing to have, and the Army is trying to make it worse by including it in future variants of the M17A1 truck, which has been retired since its deployment to Afghanistan in 2011.

The current M1A1 is equipped with a turret that mounts on the top of the turret, and a gun mount mounted on the bottom of the front hull.

The M1 is the only vehicle in the Army that can fire both the 5.56mm TOW missile, which can penetrate heavy armor like the M16A2, and 7.62mm M249 SAW.

This gun can also be fired from the back of the gun, giving the crew a much greater chance of survival in a firefight.

The addition of the APAP system will allow the crew to be armed with both weapons, which could make the crew much safer.

However, the new M1 does not have the same amount of armor protection as the M15A1.

The new vehicle will have four turret sections that extend from the front, side, and rear of the tank, which is what will give the crew additional protection.

The front of each section will also have a crew protection structure that will allow for additional crew protection against small arms and grenade launchers.

This also means that the crew will be protected against small-arms fire, while also protecting them from the APAPS.

The gun mount will also be protected by a radar system, which allows the crew the ability to spot small arms fires before they are fired.

The system will also include a rear sight, which makes the crew safer against small weapons, and an anti-armor shield that will keep the vehicle from falling into enemy hands.

The vehicle also has a turret-mounted infrared camera.

While the new version will provide more protection, it will also make the tank smaller.

The tank will still weigh approximately 20 percent less than the current M17, but the crew could be less safe as the vehicle will no longer be able see enemy soldiers through the hull.

Additionally, the smaller M1 has the same engine and transmission, which means it will be less efficient in a frontal attack situation.

The crew will also no longer have the ability of using a “flooding” system, in which the crew fires multiple rounds at the same time, which would make the gun less effective against small armored vehicles.

This system could also make it more difficult for the crew of the new vehicle to find cover, and therefore easier for the enemy to kill them.

The new M17 will be the first tank to use the APPS system.

The APPS will allow soldiers to fire at a target without firing a single round.

This would make it easier for soldiers to find hiding spots, but also easier for them to take cover if they are shot.

It also allows soldiers to take out more than one target in a single firefight, making the gun more effective against larger targets.

The technology could also allow the Army to more quickly deploy vehicles that need to move quickly, such as helicopters and armored vehicles, which are very large.

The decision to keep the M18A1 from being retired is also a big deal.

The current M18 was an effective and proven tank in Iraq, and is still widely used in Afghanistan.

The fact that it will no be retired is a huge boost for the Army, as it could allow them to get even


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