Fire Fighting Helicopter

A new round of US Army tests are testing a new weapon system designed to help firefighting teams fight off fires by detonating a large, hollow “bomb” that could be deployed in a firefight.

The Army has begun using the “bomb,” known as a “firefighting cylinder,” for a variety of uses.

The cylinder is meant to detonate in an emergency when a large blast or flash hits a building, but it could also be used for other types of damage.

The device is currently being tested in a training area at Fort Benning, Georgia, and the Army says it is already seeing a significant decrease in fires caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), including booby traps.

The bomb is designed to explode from a pressure vessel that is inflated with a small explosive charge.

It’s also designed to detonator in a controlled fashion, with a timer and a detonator release mechanism.

A test in early May at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, showed that the device could destroy a target, kill a person or explode the surrounding environment with a powerful blast.

“The bomb is a small, flexible explosive device that can be carried and dropped from a truck, airplane, or even a drone, depending on the situation,” a U.S. Army statement said.

“Once it’s placed in a designated area, it can be used to defeat a building or an area to allow for a controlled, coordinated firefight.”

The Army says that the new device, which is being tested with different training environments, is designed for firefighting situations where “bombs are most effective.”

It is also designed for scenarios where “a large explosion or flash can quickly result in large fires.”

The test site was built in a secure location in the middle of a wooded area in an area where it is not typically used, and there was a clear view of the bomb’s target.

The weapon is also made of lightweight, high-density foam and has a pressure-treated metal casing.

The US Army says the device will be deployed at the same sites where it has been tested to test the “blast radius,” which is the area in which the device can detonate.

The blast radius is the maximum area of the blast radius that can damage an object in the blast wave, according to the Army.

It is measured in feet (about three meters), or meters (about six meters).

“The blast radius for the bomb is very small, but if you are close enough to it, the blast can do considerable damage,” said Mike Lazzari, a spokesperson for the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.

“We do not know the actual number of people that have been killed or injured by the bomb, but we are confident that this weapon is going to have an extremely significant impact on the fight against fire in a variety, and in some cases, non-fatal, incidents,” Lazzarelli said.

According to Lazzarini, the device was developed in conjunction with the UAV Association, a non-profit organization that is focused on developing technology that will improve firefighting operations.

“This is a technology that’s very close to the battlefield,” Lizzarini said.

The UAV Society is also developing a “rocket-assisted projectile,” a technology similar to the “dummy” used in a booby trap.

“Rocket-assisted projectiles have been proven to kill large numbers of people in small increments, but the UVAAS is focused solely on eliminating large-scale, large-area fires,” the group said in a statement.

The group says that its research shows that the “rocket assist” will not have a significant impact in a small area.

“If we can get people to drop it, we can kill them,” Laskaris said.

Laskari said that the USA has been working with the military to get the “Rocket Assist” on the market.

“It’s a tremendous development, and we are extremely pleased to see the Army working with us on this important technology,” Lassarini added.

The technology has also been shown to reduce the risk of accidental injuries caused by the “booby trap” and its “rocket” counterpart, the statement said, but “there will always be people who are going to get hurt when they fall for it.”


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