Fire Fighting Helicopter

Firefighters fighting a wildfire in the state of Kansas have been tasked with bringing out a powerful new song to help fight the flames.

The song, entitled ‘It’s a Fire’ by the band Bear Republic, is being used by firefighters and volunteers in the fight against the Fire Brigade of Kansas.

“It’s all about the song.

We’re not trying to put out the fire,” said Chris McManus, the Firefighter Army’s fire fighter, in an interview with News24.”

I think it’s a fire, we’re not here to put it out.

We just want to help,” he said.

The Fire Brigade, which is currently in charge of battling the blaze, has received a $50,000 grant from the Kansas State Government to purchase the Bear Republic song and record the song as part of the battle song.

The tune has been used by firefighting agencies around the country in a variety of different situations, including to prepare for disasters, assist with rescue efforts and help train firefighters in the use of hand-held fire extinguishers and other emergency tools.

“We wanted to take it out on our own, so we recorded it and put it on tape and put the tape up on the wall and just put it up on a wall,” McManuss said.

“When we got that, it went viral,” he added.

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve done it in Kansas, and we’re really excited,” he explained.

The fire department is currently recording a video of the song and is working on its first broadcast, which will air on the fire department’s website.

“One thing we wanted to do is do something a little bit different from what we normally do.

We wanted to put our own voice in there and put our voice in the song,” he continued.”

You know, we have a lot of people that come in here, and they’re not really familiar with the songs and they don’t know what they’re doing,” he pointed out.”

But we’re trying to be as professional and professional as we can and try to keep up with what the music is, and the way we’re putting the song together, and hopefully bring it to people who might not have heard of it before.”

In addition to the Fire Department, the band’s frontman, Michael Dibb, has been on the scene since the fire began in late October.

“The Firefighter, I think we’re going to be on the air soon.

We want to be a part of it,” Dibbs told News24 last week.”

So we’re excited to be doing it,” he concluded.


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