Fire Fighting Helicopter

This is not an article about how to dress for a firefight.

Firefighters are known to be very good with their firefighting gear, but not so good with other types of gear.

This article is about how you can put that firefighting prowess to good use.

You can’t wear a firefighter jacket when you’re in the middle of a fight.

The reason for this is that firefighters need to be able to move freely and to move quickly to the scene of a fire, while also being able to get a quick reaction to any problems that might be around the fire.

They also need to move with a level of confidence that they are able to use their fire extinguisher to put out a fire that is causing significant damage.

The jacket comes in three different types: the first, which has a lightweight fabric with a jacket and a fire extinguishing hose on it; the second, which is made of fabric, and has a flame resistant nylon jacket; and the third, which consists of a thermal-resistant fabric with an electric shock resistant electric-shock-resistant fire extinguishers on the front.

If you are planning to be a firefighter, this is definitely the first choice.

It is the best choice.

This is the type of jacket that a firefighter will wear when he is in the field.

It also has a waterproof version, which will work well in the wet weather.

If there is a fire at home, the first jacket you’ll wear will be the lightweight one, but you’ll want to try the fire-resistant version as well.

This type of fire-resistance fire-fighting jacket is very versatile, and can work in a wide range of situations.

You will have a good chance of being able get the job done, as well as being able keep your friends and family safe.

It’s also very lightweight, so it won’t slow you down when you need to use your fire extinguish.

It will also allow you to be ready to use the extinguishers when they need to, even if the fire is far away.

You’ll also be able get away with not wearing a helmet.

As you might imagine, a firefighter is very well trained in the use of the extinguishing devices on his or her back, so there is no need to put your firefighting skills to the test.

If your family and friends are nearby, you will be able keep them safe and well-protected.

It can be hard to see in the picture, but it looks like your jacket is just the first piece of gear you’ll need when you are on the job.

The next part of your fire protection plan is to put on a jacket.

This means that you should wear a hood, a cap, and some clothing to protect you from the elements and from the potential dangers around you.

The hood will also provide some protection from the sun, and you can wear it to keep you warm.

You should wear some kind of a face mask if you are working in the hot sun, or if you need a bit of protection from a nearby fire.

You could also wear a hat, which you should definitely not wear when working in extreme temperatures.

As a firefighter you have to be well-trained and skilled in the operation of a number of different types of equipment, so you will want to wear the right type of clothing for your job.

You might be surprised by what you wear in the fire department.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The best thing you can do is to go and see the person in the next photo, because they might be wearing the right equipment to protect them.

This may sound strange, but firefighters wear a lot of different kinds of gear, including the fire extinguiser.

You need to have the right gear, and it’s important to understand that the right stuff will save your own life.

So, you can get away without wearing a fire-extinguishing helmet or fire-resistent clothing, but if you do, you should take it seriously.

Remember, the main goal of any fire-protection program is to save lives.

Make sure you have the correct equipment and know what you’re doing.


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