Fire Fighting Helicopter

The next-generation U.S. fighter jet will have a larger fuel tank and a larger wing than its predecessor, the Pentagon said Monday.

The B-2, also known as the “Barraca,” or “B-2 Spirit,” will replace the F-22 Raptor, a stealthy, long-range bomber that’s designed to deliver precision-guided munitions.

The B-1B will be smaller than the Raptor and can carry a smaller bomb load.

The F-35A, the most advanced of the new generation fighters, will have an even larger bomb load than the B-5.

The Pentagon said the new B-series jets would be able to conduct missions at speeds of Mach 5 and Mach 5.1, with the speed reaching Mach 5 in just 3 seconds.

The plane will be able cruise at altitudes up to 2,800 feet and fly at altimeters up to 200 feet.

The Air Force has already begun testing its B-4 and B-52 bomber versions, with initial flights set to begin in 2019.

They will replace legacy fighters and provide the Air Force with more of the force it needs.

The “Barges” will be lighter than the F/A-18 Super Hornet, which can carry bombs weighing 2,500 pounds.

The Air Force plans to buy 12 B-3 and B.2 versions of the jets.

The F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon are among the fighter jets that the Air Department plans to purchase.

The Super Hornets are expected to cost about $500 million each, while the F–16s and F–22s are expected be less expensive.

The Navy has begun buying the F‑35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is expected to be built to the Army’s specifications.

The Army plans to start purchasing the F‐22 Raptors this year, which will have longer range and are expected cost about a half-billion dollars each.

The Army plans a fleet of F-18s and other fighters to replace its aging F-117A stealth fighters.

The Navy will buy another batch of F–18s in 2020, and the Marine Corps plans to have a fleet to replace the CF‐18s it’s retiring.


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