Fire Fighting Helicopter

The National Guard is currently at full strength fighting fires in the western United States, but some of those fires are also battling grass fires.

It’s not uncommon for crews to get trapped or get caught in fires.

In an effort to improve the safety of all involved, the National Guard’s newly formed Firefighter Safety Program is seeking input from its members to determine if its currently working in an effective manner to prevent grass fires in communities.

It also has created a Firefighter Saver Plan to help its firefighters prepare for any emergency situations.

While the program’s mission is to improve fire safety, it is also part of the National Park Service’s effort to increase the public’s understanding of fire and its role in the environment.

The program was launched in June of 2016 and will have a permanent staff of more than 800 firefighters by the end of the year.

While it’s a small fraction of the overall firefighting force, the program will have an impact on the overall safety of firefighters.

According to the Firefighter’s Safety Program’s website, “there are currently more than 500 firefighting positions in the U.S. with over 8 million personnel in the National Forest System.

Of these, approximately 30% are in the Western United States and the rest are in Alaska, Hawaii, Alaska, and British Columbia.”

As part of this program, firefighters will be required to wear masks and other protective gear and they will be able to wear face masks during work hours, even when they’re not on duty.

These rules will be in place for all firefighters at the fire stations.

“There’s going to be a lot of training, but also a lot less supervision,” said Jeff Fink, a former National Guard officer who currently works for the National Parks Conservation Association.

Fink also said the program is not just about training but also will be a safety tool.

“What’s going on in the firefighting community, there’s a lot more at play,” he said.

“It’s not just training, it’s really a safety concern and it’s going the other way.”

The Firefighter Service is also looking for suggestions on how to better manage fires and provide additional firefighting assistance to communities.

Finks said that while the Firefighters Safety Program has been created to help prevent fires, there are many other things the National Army can do to help with fire safety.

“The National Guard has to have a safety net.

It has to be able provide assistance to people in crisis situations, but it has to also be able do a good job in the long term.

The longer you’re on the job, the less people are getting to know you, the more difficult it is to know them, and that is something we’re trying to figure out,” Fink said.

While many people in the community have already come to know the National Guardsmen, the agency is still trying to find out how to increase their knowledge of firefighting.

“We’re working on a lot,” said David Treadwell, the executive director of the Fire Fighters Safety Program.

“The people we’re working with are really interested in the idea that we can improve our safety as a whole, and the National Airborne Office is working on something similar, which is the concept of fire prevention.”

Treadwell said the Airborne Department has been working on the program for the past few years.

He said there are about 40 different departments across the country that have been involved in this program.

“I think it’s something that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is looking into.

We have a lot to do.

We’re looking at the logistics, the staffing, the things that we have to do to be successful, and it all comes down to a couple of things,” Treadman said.


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