Fire Fighting Helicopter

I was surprised to learn that some people who work in firefighting say they don’t even know the difference.

“If I see a fire on a grass fire, I think, ‘oh well, it’s grass’,” said Craig McPherson, who is a senior firefighting supervisor with the Australian National Fire Service.

But he says there are some people with firefighting backgrounds who do, and they can be very good at it.

“It’s a skill that’s developed through years of firefighting and training,” he said.

“And it’s really about managing the fire, the risk to the firefighter and the safety of the public.”

I’m not saying that firefighting is for everybody.

I’m saying that it’s a skillset that’s really important.

“The Australian Fire and Rescue Association’s (AFRA) own report from this year says that “a broad spectrum of experience” shows that some firefighters are “good at it” and that others are not.

And the AFRA’s National Fire Safety Officer, David Kestel, says there is a “pretty clear consensus that it is a skill, and it’s not something that’s going to go away.”

But there’s a big difference between grass and bushfire, he says.”

We do know that there are different types of fire and the different types are associated with different risk factors, different types and types of vegetation, and different types to the type of fire,” he says, explaining that the types of risk factors that you’re exposed to can make it more likely that you’ll burn to death.”

The risk factors are really more complicated, because you’re also exposed to different fire regimes and different fire seasons.

“But, as with anything, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

So if you are not a firefighter, you might be more likely to die from a grassfire, but if you’re a firefighter, you are more likely than not to be injured in a bushfire.

But what about people who are firefighters and want to learn more about firefighting?

Kestel says the AFSA’s own website has a lot of information on firefighting, but you will not find a full list of the various types of bushfire and grassfire.

And if you do, you may be disappointed to learn the answers are not always as straightforward as they seem.”

What we do know is that there is some difference between the types and the types are more complex and there’s different risk behaviours,” he told RN Breakfast.”

So we do have a really clear understanding of the risks associated with bushfires and grass fires.

“And you can’t always tell whether you’ve seen a grass or bushfire on your own property because of the fire behaviour and risk factors.”

In some instances, it could be a case of fire management, so if you see a bush fire, it might be that the risk is higher because you’ve got the grass burning, but it could also be a matter of fire risk management.

“For more information about bushfires, bushfires in Victoria and the role fire fighting plays in them, visit the AFRAS website


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