Fire Fighting Helicopter

It is no exaggeration to say that firefighting equipment is essential to fighting a fire.

The Irish are lucky that they have a long tradition of surviving firefighting, especially with a large number of firefighting vehicles and other equipment that is often highly visible.

We know that many firefighting units have to be on alert in the event of a fire because there is an immediate risk of a small explosion.

However, with so many fire fighting vehicles and equipment in the country, it is a challenge for a firefighter to see them all, especially when they are working in remote areas.

In the event that a fire does occur, the first thing that will need to be done is to identify the problem.

This will help the firefighter to identify which part of the equipment needs to be repaired, and then to get the fire extinguisher to that part of his equipment.

This could include a fuel pump, a water pump, and so on.

The Irish know that when a fire starts, it can be a challenging time for the firefighters.

There is the possibility of burning the entire equipment.

The equipment is a good target for fire, and if it is not repaired quickly, it could be a very dangerous situation for the firefighter and his colleagues.

This is why the Irish have a great tradition of dealing with fire in the safest way possible.

A fire can be contained by only one or two vehicles and can be fought without any assistance.

The following is a brief outline of the best equipment that can be used for fire fighting in the Irish countryside:The Irish National Fire Service (INFS) has a number of different types of fire fighting equipment that they use.

These include:The National Fire Protection Area (NFPA) has several different types and sizes of fire extinguishers and water pumps.

The National Emergency Service (NES) is responsible for firefighting in the region and the Northern Ireland National Emergency Response Centre (NIERC) has different types to deal with different types fires.

The first type of fire prevention equipment is the Nettlebogie fire extinguishing kit.

This kit consists of a hand-held hose and two rubber boots.

It is very lightweight, can be carried in the hand or mounted on a vehicle.

The Nettlebagger is one of the more common firefighting tools used in the Northern Irish area.

The second type of equipment is known as a National Fire Rescue Equipment (NREF) kit.

These fire extinguishances can be purchased from the National Fire Services of Northern Ireland.

The kit consists in a hand or two hose, a large rubber boot and a water supply.

The water supply can be supplied from a reservoir.

The NREF kit has a long history in the field of fire and has a lot of popularity with the Irish community.

The National Fire Emergency Response Center (NFERC) in the south of Ireland uses these kits and they are extremely popular.

The third type of kit is called the NFI kit.

The type of NFI is called a Tarpon or a Trench Fire Prevention Kit.

These kits have a rubber boot that is attached to a small hose.

These are used in rural areas.

They have been used in some parts of Ireland for many years.

The boots can be easily detached from the hose to give the firefighter the option of being on the other side of the hose and having the fire contained by another firefighting vehicle.

The last type of gear used by the Irish National Emergency Services (NERS) is the Water and Power Protection Kit.

This is the kit that is most commonly used by firefighting crews in the North of Ireland.

It consists of rubber boots, a hand hose, and a small bucket that can contain the bucket.

The most important firefighting tool to be used in Ireland is the Irish Army’s firefighting kit.

Although these firefighting kits are very lightweight and are available in several sizes, the kit is usually the only kit that can help you with firefighting.

The reason for this is that the Irish are a very active country and many fires happen in places that have been completely burnt out.

The kit contains:The kit can be bought in a number different sizes.

The first size is the basic size and it can hold up to five firefighters.

The second size is a larger size that is used for people working in rural communities and can hold about five people.

The third size is called Special Fire Fighting kit which can hold five or more people and is usually purchased in smaller sizes.

These kits can be useful in the case of an emergency and are often carried with you during the course of your firefighting job.

When you are on fire, the water will be running, the fire will be out and the firefighters will be on the front lines.

It can be very dangerous to lose this kit, so it is essential that you carry it with you at all times.

The water and power supply can also be useful during a fire as it can provide heat and oxygen.

The hose can also hold water and


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