Fire Fighting Helicopter

A Skidga Fire Brigade was formed by the fire brigade and the fire service in the late 1970s.

In the late 1980s, it merged with the Skidgy Fire Brigade and was renamed the Skids Fire Brigade.

Its members are all trained in fire fighting.

It operates out of a fire engine at the Skidy Fire Station.

Skids was formed in 1983.

In 2004, it was awarded the highest award in the Firefighter Services of Australia’s Excellence Award for its fire fighting organisation.

Skidgins firefighting was recognised with the State of Queensland Government’s highest award for its performance in 2016, the State Firefighters Association of Queensland’s highest fire service award, and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Medal.

It was also the recipient of the Australian Firefighters Union’s 2018 Firefighters’ Medal for excellence in firefighting.

Firefighters at the fire station said the Skiddges firefighting team is the most experienced in the state.

Firefighters at Skids have been trained for over 20 years.

They are the best fire fighters on the planet, said fire officer John Lohse.

The Skids firefighting service is funded by a private sector contribution of $4.5 million over 10 years.

The Queensland Government is contributing $1.5m over three years, but the fire services are on board.

Lohse said there were no other units in the area and there was no need for the public to be aware of it.

A Skidgin fire station is located at The Spindletop fire station, a four-minute drive from the fire stations in Gatton, Dickson, and Gullman.

The fire station also provides emergency fire training for fire crews.

Skidgines firefighting operation is comprised of two fire engines, one of which is a tanker, the other is a flat-bed.

Each fire engine operates out to a fire area of about 50 square kilometres, which means there is no shortage of resources, Lohs said.

“It is an amazing resource, we’ve got so many things we can do,” he said.

“We have everything from helicopter to boats, we have helicopter crews to planes, we can use a lot of different things.”

We have to keep doing what we’re doing.

We have to have an understanding that this is a resource, and we’re not just going to be able to get by and take it.

We need to work together as a team.

“Skids Firefighters, who were part of the Skindagins fire service, are also the first in the country to use a helicopter to fire a rescue operation.

Sgt Andrew Stinson, the skidgining fire officer, said the training the fire crew received in the early 1980s was critical to their ability to be successful in the field.

Stinson said the fire team was able to use the helicopter in many emergency situations, and they had a good working relationship with the Queensland Government.

He said the team was a great asset to the community.

I never dreamed it could be like that,” he told AAP. “

(Skidgins) fire fighting was the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

I never dreamed it could be like that,” he told AAP.

It was great training for the community, he said, but it’s no doubt the fire will still be burning in some way, he added.

However, he acknowledged the fire has grown in recent years and was at risk of becoming a bigger problem.

What to know: Skiddgines firefighters are the first to use firefighting helicopters.

They can also use fire engines from nearby locations.

All skidges firefighters are members of the Fire Services of Queensland.

More to come.



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