Fire Fighting Helicopter

It has become a familiar sight in Bristol as the Bristol Fire Brigade and Somerset Fire Service struggle to contain the foxfire that has swept across the city in the past few weeks.

It is thought that the first foxfire was spotted in May, but the fire brigade has struggled to contain it.

The Bristol Fire and Rescue Service said they were looking for a man with an unknown cause of death on Sunday afternoon and that they were liaising with the coroner to try and establish whether he had died.

The fire service said it was a “very active and dangerous fire” and warned that people who were walking or cycling in the area should wear protective clothing.

Bristol Fire and rescue services said that it was their “best advice” to avoid the area and to check that there were no foxfires and other bushfires on your own property.

They said people should take extra care around bushfires as they could cause severe damage.

It was a busy time for firefighters across the country, with some states battling wildfires that had swept across a number of regions and countries, including the UK.

But the Bristol fire brigade said it had seen an increase in foxfires.

They added: “The number of fires we have responded to this year is a record high.

We have seen an increased number of foxfire incidents, including those in our Bristol area.”

It is important to note that we do not see foxfires as the only problem that Bristol has to worry about.

“We do have other issues, including a number related to pollution and air quality, and a range of other factors that are impacting Bristol’s environment.”

The fire brigade also said it is important for people to understand that foxfires can become extremely destructive when they are uncontrolled.

The BBC’s James Cook reports.


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