Fire Fighting Helicopter

The woman who took a selfie and posted it on Instagram of herself in an ambulance with her legs spread out on the floor in a hospital bed says she just wanted to go home.

“I just wanted out of there,” said 23-year-old Kaili Matson.

“That was my dream come true.

I just want it to end.”

She said she was in a critical condition when she got the call from the ambulance crew.

“They’re not supposed to touch me,” she said. “

“If they had touched me, they would have killed me. “

They’re not supposed to touch me,” she said.

“If they had touched me, they would have killed me.

I don’t know why.” “

It’s not fair.

I don’t know why.”

Matson, who lives in Sydney’s northern suburbs, said she woke up at about 7:30am this morning to find a call for help on the radio from a friend.

“The first ambulance that I was in, the first one, they were called and I didn’t even know it was me,” Matson said.

“I’m sitting there and I’m like ‘who is this lady?’.

I just can’t believe I’m on the ground in hospital.”

She went to her friend’s house and then texted her friend, who posted a photo of herself.

“She was like ‘oh god, I just got hit by a car’.

I was like, what?

Oh my God.

It was a real life or death situation.”

She said the ambulance took her to hospital in a stable condition, and her friend helped her to her car before driving her home.

She had to wait until after 3pm on Thursday to get to the house.

“Because I was still in the hospital I couldn’t go in,” she told ABC News.

“So I had to stay in a room at my friend’s place.”

I just was really angry, really scared.

I was thinking, ‘what am I going to do?’

“Everyone’s just so supportive.” “

When people hear my story, it makes me feel like I was the first person that they had to go through, that they didn’t have any friends or family to go to,” she explained.

“Everyone’s just so supportive.”

Matson has since posted a series of messages on Instagram, saying she’s “still in shock” and is hoping to return to her job as a nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital.

It is unclear whether Matson has received any financial compensation.


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